Client : Ahmed Chaaban

Budget : 300 000$

Place : Brossard QC

Surface area : 3600 sq.ft

Mandate : design of a pub restaurant in the DIX 30

Completion date: autumn 2012

Concept and Challenges: There was a wide field where stood 3 tall trees. It became the gathering of a community of young promising kids. The code name was the ¼ mile being at a ¼ mile of their houses. 20 years later, trees were cut down. Before cutting the third one, our client decided to rent the space to be constructed, in the location of the third tree. We named it the Mile Public House and the story began once again. We created an atmosphere revealing the soul and warmth of friendship. The exterior walls recall the story about the site through a typographic tree inlaid in stone.

Team: Stéphanie Cardinal + Christine Ménard + Clémence Perrin

photos: © Pascale Robert

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