Humà Design + Architecture

Humà delivers ready-to-use projects, complex and unique, in many fields such as offices, residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, seniors' residences, urban design and hotel industry. Humà distinguishes itself by its capacity to efficiently fit in a multidisciplinary team in addition to the management and coordination of all professionals and that while respecting the due dates. _________________________________________________________ Concerned about our architectural footprint, we have at heart to encourage further thinking about infrastructure, construction principle and conceptual choices. we want to develop an awareness about the need for sustainable development, and promotes willingness on the part of our clients and collaborators to work toward a sustainable world, each project at a time _________________________________________________________ At Humà, we understand the social and environmental challenges, and we work hard to meet present and future needs. It is within this vision that we invite and encourage our employees to become aware of contemporary issues, notably by promoting LEED accreditations and developing internal strategies to foster a work ethic and inherent vision of sustainability. These strategies include implementing lifestyle habits aimed at reducing our office's ecological footprint, as well as teaching best practices in project design work. Indeed, we have implemented a practical Sustainable Design Tool (SDT) based on LEED criteria to help members of our team consider important design points and elements for the development of an environmentally friendly project, as well as rigorous in its use of materials, energy demands, social impacts, and longevity