melanie X zoe, a new location for the melanie x ___ brand!


We are pleased to announce the opening of Melanie X ____'s new boutique, melanie X zoé, on Laurier Street West, in Montreal. This new name was chosen to celebrate Wilfrid Laurier's wife, Zoé Lafontaine, who is rarely talked about but who was a pillar in the life of one of Canada's best-known prime ministers. This store takes up the branding and interior design themes dear to the brand, with modular furniture, suitable for clothing, for the presentation of temporary collections of objects for oneself or for the home, friends also for holding d events/workshops.

le chalet soleil, bromont, is finished !


We are proud to unveil Chalet Soleil 2, in Bromont, for which we designed and built the architecture! the first part of a master plan covering the entire base, this 4-season chalet will make it possible to anchor sustainable and ecological facilities, while having skiers, walkers and those accompanying them at the heart of its approach.

the TOD project for the Ahuntsic and Chabanel stations rewarded at the 2021 grands prix du design, and the CIP awards


We are very happy to have won the Platinum award in the urban design category at the Grand Prix du Design 2021 last weekend, and the award for City and Regional Planning decerned by the CIP for our TOD project at Ahuntsic and Chabanel stations with our collaborator L'Atelier Urbain! This project will allow a big step forward in the rehabilitation of the old fashion district, in which our workshop is located, and on which we have been working for 10 years! Thank you to the Borough of Ahuntsic-Cartierville for their trust and to SDC District Central

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humà won the first edition of the "défi design"challence


It is with enthusiasm that the HUMA TEAM took part in the first edition of defisdesign organized by indexdesign, Ivanhoe-Cambridge, Laab and Körnelius. the purpose of this "charette" was to start rebooting the return to the office, adapting it to the post-covid era. a stressful subject for some, bringing new ''challenges'' for others. We therefore carried out an express concept for a collaborative office space in 2 hours, which we narrowly won, thanks to a concept based on meeting islands, and the possibility of isolating oneself in an open environment.

2 "grands prix du design"awards for Tour des Canadiens 2


Located in a district with a prestigious past, bounded by the old Windsor station, Bonaventure station and the Queen's Hotel, the design of the Tour des Canadiens 2 reconciles the past and the contemporary. Its design therefore naturally turned towards a modern reinterpretation of the art deco movement, which sublimates the memory of the neighborhood. Humà design created the entire interior design, both for the common areas and the housing units, including the signage for the entire site. it is these two categories that were rewarded at the Grand Prix du Design 2019: Interior design for a housing complex, and signage/branding of the premises.

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News : Le rocher très percé by Humà Design for the Festival des jardins de Métis


The 19th edition of the International Garden Festival, presented at Les Jardins de Metis takes place in the Gaspésie region of Quebec starting June 22, 2018. The festival continuously explores the idea of ephemeral gardens and awareness of the beauty of nature. This year theme: “Landscape II - Go play outside!” Humà Design and Architecture has therefore imagined a space, materialized by an impressive and playful construction in which families and children can enjoy gathering and playing together, surrounded by nature : Le rocher très percé.

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Focus : Unveiling of the Agora project


Located in the heart of a natural park in Gatineau, the Private Club offers the residents of the complex an oasis of sports and wellness. The contrasting superimposed volumes unfold and create continually interrelated spaces and interiors. From the entrance, the two-level lobby offers a breakthrough to the pool and spa area overlooking a volleyball court. The multifunctional rooms and the gym are next to this hall which leads to the second level towards a living room, a roof terrace and the yoga / interior bicycle room in projection on the landscape. The generously windowed spaces open onto the terraces preserving the links with nature. The natural and pure materials fit elegantly into the landscape and the interior spaces bathed in light. The Private Club creates a gathering place for the neighborhood community, its architecture is essential and creates a new signature within the development.

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Design award Tour des canadiens 2


10th Edition - Edition price - apartment or house and sales office

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